NZ440R/T ()

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440ci-4bbl Magnum (400hp/500lbs-ft) 6-Speed Gear Vended TorqueFlite-727 8-3/4 Suregrip LSD with 3:91 gears (Overdrive = 3:05) All Numbers Matching

          • Engine was fully rebuilt with a 0.30 bore all new parts
          • tti 1-7/8″ Ceramic coated headers with thermal barrier insides and 2″ collectors
          • tti 2-1/2″ exhaust system with X-Pipe
          • Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers
          • TorqueFlite-727 was fully rebuilt and received a TransGo-TF2 shift kit
          • Harms Tilt-Pistol grip shifter finished in American oak
          • 15×8″ Rallyes in the rear: 275/60 BFG’s and 15×7″ Rallyes up front: 245/60’s BFG’s (4.5″ BS)
          • MP Brake system using the original drums in the rear & performance slotted discs up front
          • Mopar performance Viscus Fan package
          • Latest Pioneer Head-unit, CD-Stacker and 460watt 6×9’s run by a Phoenix Gold amp

Please see my website above for more information as it would take several hours to type Lucy’s entire life story.



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