69ChargerRT (1969)

Owning this car car has been my dream come true. Ever since I started watching the Dukes of Hazzard way back when I knew I wanted a Dodge Charger. Some 15 years l finally was able to purchase one. Oringal 69 440 with a 4 speed. Looked long and hard for that combo, but I wouldn’t take anything else. I did want the original engine, but past that Im tossing originality out the window. I want this to be an 11 second runner, and Im hoping with the head modifications that I plan to do in the near future she should be there. Infact, testament to her current power, I was told by one of the previous owners that she can break the tires shifting into third. I haven’t been able to verify this (not even into second just yet), but this was long after I bought the car. He actually was the second owner and Im the fourth and we just happened to bump into eachother because he recognized the car, so I believe what he tells me. Very strong car that I absolutely adore. Only problem is, I love her so much, the ownership experience has got me buzzed to own an e-bod, but I’m all out of money!

Six Pack Carburetor setup
Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold
MP mech. 284/284 dur 528/528 lift
Crane gold roller rockers
Holley fuel pump with Aeroquip steel braided fuel lines
1 7/8 inch headers with a 3 inch collector
2.5 inch 40 series Flowmaster mufflers
Aluminum radiator with dual electric fans
Mopar Performance valve covers
MSD 6AL electronic ignition box
MSD billet distributor
MSD 8.5 mm spark plug wires
Battery relocated to trunk

Type: Dodge Charger R/T
Member Since: The Beginning
Location: Los Angeles

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