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Member: whitesatinmopar
Member Since: March 30, 2002

1973 Challenger

Location: Ohio


We purchased the car while it was still on the trailer of a salvage dealer. He had bought the car at a salvage auction and was told as far as the insurance company was concerned it was headed for the crusher if not sold. So, there she now sits in her "renewed glory" as "whitesatinmopar". Some of the changes/upgrades include a built 360 pursuit engine, bored .030 over with a .450 purple shaft cam and a 600 cfm Carter carb. The car has the original interior except the carpet and the bucket seat upholstery were replaced. The grille was blacked out as well as the tailpanel, an R/T hood was added as well as a go wing. Of course the namesake for the car is the custom paint, white satin with fine blue pearl and clearcoat. Before however the entire car was taken to bare mental and all repairs made. We are quite proud of her and feel privileged to "own" this special Chally. One rather strange feature of the car is that it was ordered with bucket seats but has a column shift, no console. Owners: Pam and Jim Walker, Uhrichsville, Ohio

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1973 Challenger

1973 Challenger

1973 Challenger


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