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1970 Challenger R/T SE

AIM: LauraLeeDavis
YIM: LauraLeeDavis
Website: Our 1970 R/T SE Challenger Resto
Location: Atlanta, GA


We discovered our 1970 R/T SE on the internet the day it was listed for sale. We contacted the seller, told him we were coming, and drove 12 hours from Atlanta to Indianapolis and trailored it home. That began our 5 year journey! The car rolled off the assembly line as a 383 automatic with 8 3/4 3.23 geared SureGrip. It had DY3 cream-colored paint V1G GatorGrain with leather interior and air conditioning. When we started the serious work on it, we put it up on a rotisserie, completely stripped it, and then proceeded to recondition, fabricate, or purchase and replace every single part of this car. The 383 was hot-tanked and its newly machined iron heads reinstalled. The engine was upgraded with a 270 / .470 cam, spinning a 2600 stall converter, putting torque to a beefed up 727 with heavy duty shift kit, through a custom 3" aluminum drive shaft. Stainless Steel disc brakes stop the 4 Cragars. We used all stainless steel plumbing for fuel and trans, and MMS & Accessories provided all the engine and body fasteners as well as the custom stainless steel brackets for the pulleys. The JetHot coated Edelbrock performer intake takes input from a Barry Grant 650 Speed Demon carb actuated by Lokar's throttle and kickdown linkages. Exhaust is handled by JetHot coated Dynomax headers that feed a 2 1/2 inch TTI system. On the way out, the exhaust passes by electrically controlled DMH servo motor cutouts for extra sound at the touch of a button! The twin Magnaflow mufflers provide a full Mopar rumble out the stainless steel tips. We installed new a Legendary leather interior and we re-installed the original SEM reconditioned interior panels. We customized the overhead console with leather and replaced the headliner. Unfortunately, no one on Planet Earth has any V1G GatorGrain vinyl to complete our package so our Special Edition has a Boar grain top instead. The Vintage Air A/C system was custom engineered to provide a nice stock look inside, and some flair in the engine bay. An original Tuff Wheel in one hand and a Harms flamed maple pistol grip shifter in the other makes for an awesome ride when the horses under the hood take off!

          • Custom PPG Paint (We'll never tell the forumula!)
          • Warmed-up 383 bored 20 over
          • 727 Transmission with B&M Shiftkit
          • 2600 Phoenix Stall Converter
          • Custom Aluminum Drive Shaft
          • TTI Exhaust and Electric Cutouts
          • Custom AFCO Aluminum Radiator
          • Vintage Air Conditioning Components - Custom Installation
          • Legendary Leather Interior
          • Harms Flamed Maple Automatic Pistol Grip
          • Crager SS Wheels

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1970 Challenger R/T SE

1970 Challenger R/T SE

1970 Challenger R/T SE


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