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Member: pettybluecuda
Member Since: September 22, 2005

1972 Plymouth Cuda 340

Website: 70-74 Barracuda-Cuda' Registry
Location: Wisconsin


In 1997 my fathers friend was looking for a donor car for his AAR cuda, So he called my father up asking if he could look for a cuda that was in good shape. Well my dad had seen a ad in the Denver post, for a 72 Plymouth barracuda for sale.(we were living in Colorado at the time) So my dad and I went to look at this car and noticed it had the factory dual exhaust coming thru the rear valance. There was also a shaker hood on the car. We new by the rear valance that it wasn't a plain barracuda. So we looked the car over with the plans of it being a donor car for his friends A.A.R. The car had been painted pearl white a while back. As for the condition, it was rust free except for on the rear quarters, the wheel lips had some rust forming. The car was all there and looked like a great donor car for the A.A.R. So my father and I went back home and call his friend to tell him that we had located a good car for his project. Well he had said that he had found one back home in Wisconsin. So my dad got to thinking he would just buy it to parts the car out,, so we went back over there with cash in hand. We asked him why he was selling it he told us that his wife wanted her new boss mustang in the garage and that he needed to sell either his cuda that he had sense he was in high school or his gto judge. Well his gto was all complete and looked very nice. So he had decided to get rid of the cuda. We offered him 2,300.00 for it and he took it. When we were loading it up he said that he had some extra parts for it. So he came out with a extra posi rear end, a full bottle of nitros, six pack setup, shaker hood, crated TCI tranny, and a bunch of misc. stuff. Then he told us that the engine was the factory matching numbers. We got the car home and we were looking thru it and found the build sheet under the dash. Well my dad had started selling the extra parts in the paper and after doing so he had got just over 2,000 dollars for the extra parts that weren't factory. So he then decided to fix the car up and sell it. Well I went back to Wisconsin for my 15 birthday, well I was there he was working on the car, I just figured he would sell it like the rest of the cars that we had come a crossed. I was really hoping that he wouldn't sell this one because I had become attached to it. So how the story goes he call me when I was in Wisconsin and told me that he had decided get rid of the car. And then told me happy birthday! The car is yours! So it has years now sense the day we found it. I have plans for doing a full rotissarie restoration but it will have to wait until we are done with the v code challenger and the challenger convertible. I have been slowly collecting parts for it like nos fender and a bunch of misc stuff, some day I will get it the way I want it!

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1972 Plymouth Cuda 340

1972 Plymouth Cuda 340

1972 Plymouth Cuda 340


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