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Member: GoodysGotACUDA
Member Since: May 11, 2005

1972 Barracuda

AIM: goodysgotacuda
Website: GoodysGotACuda
Location: Henderson, NV


I bought this car when I was seventeen. Bone stock drivetrain, body looked the same. It's been my daily driver to work/school every day since then. Rain or shine. I love driving this car everyday. Since ive gotten my hands on it, its #s matching 318 has been rebuild and got hopped up a little bit. Pulled a 15.0 1/4 with a open 2.76 rear, spinning, and at 2000ft elevation. Its tranny has been rebuilt, 3000stall converter, TransGo TF-2 shift kit. The original 8 3/4" rear just received a much needed clutch suregrip with 3.91s in it. The editor of Mopar Muscle is interested in seeing the car at Mopars at the Strip this March. Hopefully I can get a mention in the mag, that'd be awesome. I've done the drivetrain work on it myself, with some help from the locals. This was my first motor build, trans build and 3rd member swap (rear).

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1972 Barracuda

1972 Barracuda

1972 Barracuda


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