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Member: Ghost
Member Since: November 07, 2004

1967 Barracuda

AIM: GhosCharg
Location: Nebraska


I bought this car in Septemeber, 2005, my first V-8 powered Mopar. The drivetrain is an all original 273-2v, with a 904 3 speed automatic transmission. The shifter is on the column. The car has very few options, is YY1 Light Tan Poly, with a 2 toned black/white interior. Bench seats. It's my daily driver, for now. Plans are to add 273 Commando engine parts to it, (ie heads, intake, cam, and aircleaner), send it to a bodyshop to repair the rust and have her repainted with a fresh coat of YY1, then enjoy it.

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1967 Barracuda

1967 Barracuda

1967 Barracuda


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