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Member: Chryco Psycho
Member Since: November 30, 2001

1970 Tube Chassis Cuda

Location: Alberta, Canada


This cuda started life as a 340 4 speed. The Cuda was built in 18 months from bare chassis to driving, I did 90% of the work Ground Zero Racecars finished the Chassis work, Alyth Auto Body did the steel & glass body work & the custom purple base /clear paint, & Guyon Racing supplied a lot of the special parts. I should mention that this car was on it way to a crusher & was not a savable car. The Body really only had the original roof upper 1/4s & doors , the doors were reskinned 1/3 of the way up the impact beams & window regs. were removed, the nose is 1 piece fiberglass, & a removable hood that was custom built fiberglass with a raised AAR scoop & two openings the upper sealed to the carb & the lower through the teeth to cool the intake, it has a glass windshield ,lexan side windows , & factory rear glass, the wheel wells were opened 5" to accommodate 32" tires, the rear spoiler bumper & valance are all fiberglass, & the trunk lid is steel without the frame. The interior is all aluminum the floors door skins wheel tubs & custom built Dash with Autometer gauges- tach oil press., temp & ammeter, the only steel was used on the floor below the pedals to step in & out, it has to sealed battery boxes in the rear & only 1 plastic race seat at the time I sold it but was going to put 2 in, 905 of the body & interior panels were DZUSed in for easy removal, even the pedals are lightweight alum. The chassis is teched for 7.5 sec 1/4s with the optional funny car cage for safety & is all mild steel 2" X 3" square tube rails with all else round tube, the front suspension is Strange tubular control arms with Mustang II disc brakes & rack, the rear is 4 link with sway bar Dana 60 4.56 gear 35 spline axles & spool 12" JFZ disc brakes & AVO alum adj. shocks all the way round & 14"x 15" Centerline rear wheels & 3.5" X 15" front. The engine was also moved 13" back in the chassis for weight transfer. The drive train is a mild 440 525hp 66 block, 516 heads ported ,steel crank, lightened 6 pak rods, TRW 6 pak pistons Mopar, balanced, windage tray, .590 cam Crane iron rockers, fluid damper, Team G intake , 1050 Holley Dominator ,2 1/4 " primary headers custom built with 4" exhaust & mufflers, 12qt dragster pan with swinging pickup & KB oil pump, & a alum VW rad & electric fan. The Clutch is McLeod 11" with a velvet touch disc & billet race flywheel & a A833 alum 4spd & Hurst super comp shifter, followed by a less than 3' specially made drive shaft [steel]

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1970 Tube Chassis Cuda

1970 Tube Chassis Cuda

1970 Tube Chassis Cuda


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