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Member: Cannibal94
Member Since: February 07, 2005

1971 Barracuda Convertible


Location: Lincoln, NE


I came accross this car right after I graduated high school. It is a 1971 Barracuda convertible. My brother had the option to buy this before me and luckily for me he didn't (and he is kicking himself for it!). It sat outside with the top down for about 10 years. The lady that I bought it from was one of my father's high school teachers and she bought it brand new! She drove it to school everyday and also in some parades. It only has 68,000 miles on it now. It was in pretty rough shape when I got it but after about 8 years, here I am. I still have a lot of things that I want to do to it but money is a huge factor on these cars!! It has a #'s matching 318 with .030 over pistons and a 904 tranny 3 speed auto on the columb. One of the only options that it came with is factory A/C. I have since added the Superstock suspension, Ralley hood and dual exhaust.

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1971 Barracuda Convertible

1971 Barracuda Convertible

1971 Barracuda Convertible


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