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Member: A383Cuda
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1971 Cuda

Website: Sal's Muscle Cars
Location: Tucson, AZ


I came across this 71 E body when it was traded in on a Corvette I was selling. At first the intention was to turn it and make some extra profit, but the more I drove it, the harder that became to do. It started out life as a fully loaded 383 Gran Coupe. Amazingly, this car had all of the high performance Cuda stuff on it as well as all of the creature comforts of a Gran Coupe. I like to call it the Gran Cuda. According to the buildsheet and fender tag, it came with the hi-performance 383, 4 bbl carb, and automatic HD 727 transmission. One of only 79 cars equipped this way in 1971. It also has power brakes, a 8 3/4 posi rear, hemi suspension (springs and shocks), 26" radiator, special wheel package, dual consoles, AC, heater, Am FM MX stereo (R35) with the 5 speaker set up, Rim blo steering wheel (MIA), power steering, special lighting package, rally gauges, tinted glass, wide sills, chrome beauty package, vinyl top, undercoating, and more! It was originally a gold color with a white vinyl top. The car has an original 48,000 miles on it and still has all of it's own body panels. It has been repainted in yellow with black billboards and a go wing replaced the factory luggage rack. I have since added the hood pins and road lights. Owner: Sal Carmona

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1971 Cuda

1971 Cuda

1971 Cuda


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