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Member: 71fish
Member Since: July 30, 2003

1971 340 Shaker Cuda

Website: Ken's 71 Fish
Location: New Jersey


MEAN FISH. They'll never build a car w/ more of a "cult" following than the 1971 Shaker Cuda. This is a true BLACK 1971 N96 340 Shaker Cuda which was bought to race by Ed Hamburger in the '70's.. hence the low miles (17k). This Cuda was towed to the track and back to the garage where is sat most of it's life. The Cuda has welded tow-bars on the front.. I left them on because it's part of the car's history now. It was bought strictly for 1/4 mile racing in NJ. I'll be driving it solely on the road now.. maybe a few runs at Englishtown, NJ. We also used Hamburger's original tub oil pan, which came with the car! We were told that this Cuda held the record in 1976 (OH Nationals) as the fastest Street Car in America. The record only for a few hours.. until it was later beat by a '57 Chevy. This car has great history. After I bought it.. I found two broadcast sheets.. one under the driver's seat and the other underneath the glove box. It also has the org fendertag. The most unbelievable part about this Cuda is how it has zero rust and all the original sheet metal. It has just one repaint (20+ yrs old). I will have the TX9 Cuda painted as she deserves when I save enough money to have it done right. Since it was once raced.. you can imagine that many drivetrain parts broke. When I got the car it had a 1972 warranty 340 block & trans. The 340 is now rebuilt with race-ported T/A heads, a streetable mech roller cam, offy intake and topped off with a Demon 750. The car still has it's org rear 3.91 sure grip rear and everything else is stock to the car. We park our 71fish next to the nicest muscle cars at cruise night & steal much of the attention. No way would I ever trade this fish for a Viper. Shaker Cudas are the COOLEST!! I never thought I'd be an owner of such a great part of MOPAR history.

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1971 340 Shaker Cuda

1971 340 Shaker Cuda

1971 340 Shaker Cuda


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