Author Topic: 1971 Rallye Red Cuda Resto-mod Project  (Read 13234 times)

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Re: 1971 Rallye Red Cuda Resto-mod Project
« Reply #75 on: February 28, 2018 - 08:17:40 PM »
On my 72, there are welded studs which receive the plastic clip to retain the bottom vinyl top molding. I think 70 had drilled through holes/screws which held these clips.

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Re: 1971 Rallye Red Cuda Resto-mod Project
« Reply #76 on: March 04, 2018 - 12:31:27 AM »
   Got my rear Gull Wing in yesterday.  Cant wait to see it installed!  Got it from First Place Auto Prod.  Cost was $399 plus anoth $100 to get it finished in the correct Organisol Black.   Ready to drill and bolt on.   Good thing my deck lid has the correct cut outs for the spoiler. Unfortunately,  they sent me a front spoiler for a 71 Charger instead of the AAR Style chin spoilers I ordered,  but that should be corrected this week.
   The Rear Window Louver should be here in about a week and a half.  Got it from the same company that manufactures for Dales Cuda shop.  They also make them for the modern challengers, and they said they have a month backlog on all louver orders.   Of course, my vinyl top from Year One is already in, but I just ordered the Pillar Post trim clamps from ebay for $80, waiting on those to come in. 

    I always felt the most complete looking Cuda is a 1971 with Wing, Louver, Vinyl Top, and Chin Spoilers. 
 Combine that with a painted Cheese Grater Grill w/ Fog Lamps and the side fender "Gills" , you have a balanced, mean looking Cuda.   And of course,  the cherry on the top is SHAKER.    Many of these items allude to some  "fish"  character ,  even more so than the 1970.

     I cant wait to see the car with all these parts added.     
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Re: 1971 Rallye Red Cuda Resto-mod Project
« Reply #77 on: March 07, 2018 - 04:36:49 PM »
Quick Question....    Being my goal is to keep the outside of this car looking as stock as I can (although inside will have some modern goodies)  I want to stay with the 15" Rallyes on the rear ,  however,  I still want to go with the largest tire I can in the rear.   I am thinking the Radial TA 295 50's would be great. I am doing the Lynx Coil System from RMS  so I shouldn't have to worry about the leaf spring clearance problem.     

   They make a 15x10 Rallye Wheel.  I think that tire should mount nicely.   

   My concern,   I don't want the wheel base to be any wider than stock.  I don't want them sticking out of the wheel wells or even close to it.  I want to keep it in stock looking.   The largest backspacing on these is 5.5"  .    I believe stock 15x7's was 4.5".  So I pick up a little there.  But 3" on each side, minus the backspacing seems like it gives me a total of 4" extra width on my wheelbase?    Is my thinking correct?   

   So does that mean I need to have a custom width rear/axles made to keep the stock wheel base so they stay in the wheel well correctly?

   Any opinions or anyway use the 15x10's.


Check out the Tires and combos section. There is a guy who used the same combo you were asking about. It might rub is what he said.