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How about another new web Site
« on: March 12, 2005 - 09:28:21 pm »
I would like to introduce myself as 70mopars. As a new member I have enjoyed reading the forums and viewing the pictures that have been posted so far. But as usual and like every site over the last 2 years that I have researched, and believe me I have seen thousands of web sites and pictures. Everyone of them only show 1 to 4 maybe 5 pictures and that is why I have started my website with only the intentions of creating the worlds largest photo gallery of whatever their pride is. I, myself, am and always will be a diehard mopar fanatic. To create such a web site has taken a lot of time and research and to insure that everyone knows that it is not a rip off, it is also registered as an LLC. I would like for any or all the members of this forum to at least check it out. If anyone is interested in posting pictures and or joining please do. As I said I have researched, and NO OTHER WEB SITE WILL POST as many pictures as mine will,  as many as 30 plus photo's. Whatever it takes to create the worlds largest picture gallery ever. I'll post the link to my 1971 Challenger Race car. and then you can view from their the rest of our members rides. Remember just one thing. My web site is for anyone and anything that has wheels on it and you want to show it off, Thank you very much for your time. Please Note. on the web site the contact us is NOT ON. If you want or would like to e-mail me personally: Please do at   and here is the link to my web site.     and here is the link to my racecar.     
and since is the first place I have offered to promote my website. I'll let the first 25 members sign on for free. Just follow every step all the way to paypal then close out. DO NOT PAY paypal. I will then activate your account. Thank You for your time. I'm not out to harm or discredit anyones websites or clubs. Just to create the worlds largest picture hosting site. NOTHING ELSE