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"Slashing Ashmun" SSM Show 8/4

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Went to a show in downtown Sault Ste Marie last Saturday, was a very hot day ~90 degrees all day with the sun out and no wind. About 75 cars there maybe I would guess, also had a small bike show off to the side with about 20 different bikes including a 66 Ducati (no pictures of the bikes). Although I finally did remember to bring my camera to a show  :roflsmiley: so I got a couple pictures. (didn't need to have them forwarded to me for once!  :roflsmiley:)

AAR got a top-5 or top-10 in the stock class, I wasn't really paying attention when the awards were getting called. Didn't think I was going to win anything, and the trophy doesn't give much detail.

Stopped at a gas station on the way home, and topped both the cars off with 110 racing fuel. About a mile later, I look down and the alternator gauge starts showing discharge. I just figured it just died and I could make it to the next town at least, so I called my dad to let him know to stop. He asked me about the heat gauge and I hadn't looked down in a couple seconds because I was trying to call him, and yeah, turns out the belt had tore a bit and it was caught and wrapping around the fan. Motor got a little warm, but we had a friend come with some tools to cut the loose piece off and managed to get home.

Super Blue 72:
Mmmmmmm....1970 Super Bee.... thanks for sharing!  :thumbsup:

70 GTX hmmmmmm  :drool:

Super Blue 72:
Armchair drag racing... which would win in a race?  "My" '70 Super Bee vs "your" '70 GTX?  :stirpot:  :clueless:  :roflsmiley:

Probably you GTX if all things equal as far as the cars go.  I might weigh more than you at 225lbs...  ???  Were they both 440s?

426 was dropped into that blue '68 RR.  383 in the Bee and 440+6 in the GTX. So, I think you know how that would end, sorry Blue :P.

I love the '70 Bee grill, it's just so cool.  Forgot to fix the hood pins in the picture of the Cuda and that bothers me... haha


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