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Voltage Limiter for Gauges - Need Source

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 :iagree: Got mine from there works excellent no problems.

Thanks guys.  I'll order on Monday as soon as I confirm that Auto Instruments will cooperate (I paid in advance).

Auto Instruments finally got them in.  Mine should ship today.  Thanks to all.

Attempts made:

Called Auto Instruments: Back ordered. Maybe 2-3 months.
They told me their source is M & H Electric who make the wire harnesses for Year One.
They can't I.D. their own p/n # for it. If they did know the p/n; it's $40.00.

Called Real Time Engineering/Dash Worx: Left 2 VM's. No reply.

sent E-Bay PM to Van's Auto: no reply and not being listed now.

Found new ebay list, Enjoy  :2thumbs:


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