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Voltage Limiter for Gauges - Need Source

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Anyone know who currently stocks the new solid state voltage limiter for the gauges.  I had my rallye gauges completely refaced and recalibrated at Auto Instruments, but they could not source the voltage limiter that they advertise.  It's been 3 months since I installed the gauges but I don't want to hook them up with the old limiter in case it's bad.  I've got a small Auto Gauge cluster hooked up so I can drive the car, but I don't want to screw it into the dash.

I'll order it immediately if someone can tell me the source.  I don't want a NOS or replacement unit with the points.  I want a solid state unit only. :crying:



ASk for David Patik - owner.
He rebuilds guages and such.
I am going by his and picking up one from him Tuesday.  I think he has the points ones as well as the solid state ones.

Great guy ..
He is in Tallahassee FL.


I bought mine from Van's Auto for 50 bucks. They sell these on ebay.

Vans Auto
N3147 Center Rd
Waupun,Wi 53963
Telephone: 920-324-2481




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