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Mopar @ The Barn


I'm making my first trip to Mopar at the Red Barn in Kalamazo....
Here's a few pictures to keep us motivated!!
YES.... That's a Triple Black Hemi. Along with a '' FEW '' other Challengers. I went up to the Barns with the guy that owns these and a couple of his buddies. I appreciate them inviting me to tag along!

Here's just a few of the great cars we saw at the Barns............

Man, I'm going to have to make the trip down there next year! Lots of cool stuff, bet it was a lot of fun.

best looking barn I ever saw...  :thumbsup:   that blue wagon is awesome  :ylsuper:
pink wheels on a pink T/A.....   :o :faint:


Gilmore is a ton of fun, must see if you are in southern MI.


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