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Rear valance fit

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I would like some experienced input on the "fit" of the aftermarket rear valances that are being sold now.  I am looking at Goodmark, AMD, and Sherman parts.  I am a bit confused by the Goodmark metal because I saw a panel at a swap meet that the vendor swore was a Goodmark but it was labeled "Keystone" #GMK2422875701 and made in Taiwan.   :eek7:   I hear tell that they all come from the same factory anyway, and these brands are just distrubutors.   :dunno:  Can anyone clear all this up?   

If it matters, I need the valance with exhaust cutouts.


 Ouch, nobody can touch this one?  :1zhelp:

Not really sure on a Cuda, but on a Challenger most of them except AMD are made on the same tooling from what I understand. The Challenger Goodmark and Sherman are supposedly the same items.(not sure if Sherman is still around?) Initially I wanted an AMD but even though they listed them on their website for 2 years they never really had them available for purchase. I think the Cuda's are complete.

Anyway, the Goodmark Challenger item has a lot to be desired where it fits the lower corners of the quarters. Also the bends/angles around the exhaust tips are no where near OEM. I have an OEM to compare too but it is beyond repair from 30 plus years of way too much abuse. The repro units are also much thinner metal compared to OEM.

Sorry-only Challenger info.

Thanks MoparCar, it is at least a start.  I have a line on a Goodmark piece for a Cuda right now and I am wondering.  :clueless:

I've got an AMD rear valance, but haven't gotten to the part where I get to mount it yet. Mopar Dave can gear you up if desired.  :2cents:


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