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Re: 72 340 Dyno Numbers
« Reply #15 on: June 04, 2012 - 09:17:59 pm »
Sorry not sure what make of Dyno it was.

 It is a neat set up these guys have. They have a rig they built to couple the engine to a 4 speed with a ford 9" with Good Year drag slicks strapped down to there floor dyno. Everything at there shop is Dyno'd RWHP not at the crank. They calculate powertrain loss at about 10% with there set up. I realize my 727 is going to have a bigger loss to turn.
They broke my cam in then we did pulls mostly to dial in timing. We did probably 7 pulls but I forgot the graph there.
I have to go back to get my idle set up on there wide band. I'm running rich but there was no point trying to set up idle on a 4 speed when its going in a auto.


Ah that clears things up! I thought your car had a 9" and the DN 4 speed! :lol:
I was gonna ask if you needed and 9" stuff as I have some stuff left over!  :eek4:
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Re: 72 340 Dyno Numbers
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Sorry about the confusion. Its just there set up they can test up to 1200 h.p. with that rig.