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Yes there is 4bbl version.  Here is a sample of most parts

I hear the repro shaker hoods are not bad based on other owner reviews.  Could cost $4-5K for everything

We've discussed it here on converting a flat hood to a shaker a few times.
It's alot of hours to convert one into a shaker Hood. Ask me...I know. I did it.
I probably put close to 40 hours into it.

The main benefit is a stronger thicker metal gauge hood than what the repro's are pre made.

Your starting point to begin the cut is the very last rear edge closest to the hood cowl. It takes numerous measurements to make sure it's done right. The Challenger & Cuda distance may be different from each other.

Here it is painted.

That looks like the ultimate measure twice, cut once scenario  :bigsmile:  If I hadn't been able to find the metal TA scoop I was going to go with a shaker.

Chryco Psycho:
Firstly do not cut your Hood being 70 it may still have the original hood , 1 year only .
 I have a friend with a flat hood in Airdrie we saved as a possible shaker hood if needed it may be available .
budget 5k to do a shaker conversion , this includes a new hood & all the parts to make it work , I doubt you would save any $$ converting a flat hood .
 The Shaker hood on a Chall was a very rare option in 70 I do not have the numbers handy but 200 for the whole year or so . Second the Shaker was available as an option on Challengers , I know of a factory 383 4 bbl , so yes you could get 383, 440, 440+6 or Hemi & possibly 340 with a shaker hood .
 The Shaker is restrictive , the openings are small & tend to starve out 6 pack & Hemi engines , We did a whole dyno tune on a SS Hemi Cuda & tuned in a bunch of power then installed the shaker & had to retune way back down again , in SS you have to run the grilles in the scoop so we couldn't even leave those out .
 The suppliers I am aware of are Roseville , talk to Dave or Paul , they are awesome to deal with & offer discounts to members here .
 Also Gene Gregory in Alhambra ?
& Ben Snobar


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