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Tips and Tricks for polishing / buffing Stainless Trim

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Cuda Cody:
Sharing knowledge is a great way to help our hobby grow.  Hopefully this video gives you the confidence and knowledge to restore your trim and take your project to the next level.  Please remember I too do this for a hobby, so positive comments are very much appreciated.

Here's the video on polishing / buffing stainless steel trim.

Awsome videos man!! The mystery is solved for me thanks!!  :2thumbs:

On my list to do.

Thanks CODY.

These Gran coupes got a lotta trim too!! Doing the thinner pieces like the grill chrome and trim rings for the headlights is probably simpler than the bigger parts.

Darn if i would have known a little sooner I coulda got you a Toyota Landcruiser for free, although it had a corvette 327 motor a 3 speed transmission. It had cuda bucket seats silver with plumb crazy piping. My Dad needed to get it out of my Uncle Jims garage and he just gave it to my uncle Brian who says he is gonna fix it up.


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