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Dana 60
« on: May 12, 2002 - 12:50:57 am »
I`ve got to get this into the tech archives!!!
The donor housing must be a 60 & the 60 is cast onto the lower webs on the center section.  
The housing & gears are used .
The axles, drums, brakes& the floater ends welded to the housing are all discarded.
 The axle tubes are cut to lenght & new car bearing supports are welded on using a jig to keep the housing straight the bearing supports can be purchased new from Strange, Mark Williams Etc.
New axles must be ordered at the correct lenght & with the desired bolt pattern, again from Strange Mark Williams etc. Most danas are 35 spline from the factory.
The brakes can be donated from virtually any Mopar car diff as they all seem to use the 5 bolt hole backing plate that will bolt right onto the new housing ends.  
The only drawbacks from doing this is that the pinion snubbers do not have a mount pad on the housing but you can build a bumper off the floor pan to bump against the housing which does the same job as the snubber but upside down , the other is that you cannot use the factory style tapered roller brgs on the axles due to the lack of center floater to butt the axles on so you have to use the "green" brg which is a ball brg & has a shorter lifespan with cornering loads on the street.  
The other piece  of info is that the ford diff uses the Mopar performance style large U joint race yolk from the factory so ti saves $100 approx just getting the better yolk with the donor diff.
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