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360 Build VS. Crate Engine - possibilities

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I personally would build my own for two reasons, learning experience for one and two i would know for sure what i've got and know for sure its done right. I know the crate engines are a good bang for the buck but i feel they are also built quickly for resale and that concerns me. Me and nephew are going through the same exact thing as you are and thats trying to decide weather to build his own or go with a crate motor for his Comet. I want him to rebuild his own and had him all for it but everyone else tells him to buy a crate motor. What people don't realize is he don't have the kind of money to buy something already done. Good luck with whatever you decide to do  :wave:

Chrysler sells a 380hp 360 crate for around $4000-4500. Having said that, Eagle sells a cast steel crank, forged piston, moly ring, wrist pins, forged 5140 rod, main and rod bearings kit for approx. $1100. You can also order it with a balancer and flex plate as well as balanced for about $200-300 more. RHS (Racing Head Service) makes a nice, better than 340 head, in iron OR aluminum that comes complete except for rockers, for under $1000 for the iron head. Maching will run approx. $500 if you shop it around. Don't let price be the only guide and ask questions of the shop. There's lots of good threads on here about cams and Chryco Psycho has made many good recommendations about cams and valve gear. Like the boys say, build it yourself and not only gain that knowledge, and save some money, but have the satisfaction of knowing how it all works and that YOU did it!  :2cents:  :thumbsup:


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