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Using C-Body spindles on an E-Body ( and A-Body LCA's & Viper calipers)

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I'm going to modify C-Body spindles to fit on my 1970 Challenger and the stock lower E-Body ball joint.  Why, your asking? The C-body uses a thicker rotor that matches perfectly to what the Viper caliper was designed for( so I don't need to install spacers behind the pads), and I can't stand how horribly the car handles now! My 2005 Suburban out handles and out brakes my beloved Challenger , and that just WON'T do! Thanks to member BIGSHCLUNK for getting the spindles for me! :2thumbs:
 I'm wanting my upper control arms to be at a 10 degree angle for the ride height I have chosen,( ball joint higher than the mounts).To lower the roll centers which should make the car handle better( along with a few other improvements I'll be making). Now my upper control arms are level which in my opinion makes the front roll center to high. I'll be using Hotchkis upper control arms, front and rear sway bars and Bilstein RCD shocks. On the Hotchkis upper control arms I have installed Howe ball joints that are 1/2" taller than stock.
The years for the spindles to use are either 1974-1978 or 1973 which is a one year only deal. Both of these spindles can be made to work by slightly slotting the lower ball joint mounting holes on a milling machine. I have both spindles to chose from. I'm going to use the 1973 spindle because it uses the same  upper ball joint as the e-body and is slightly taller. The 74-78 spindle uses a bigger upper ball joint .
Both C-Body spindles have the pin raised 5/8" which lowers/drops the car 5/8" as compared to the E-Body spindle.
Here is a picture of a 73 E-Body spindle and a 73 C-Body spindle, note the C-Body is taller. The 73 E-Body spindle has the caliper bracket for the "big rotor" set up. I'm going to make a mount to use the Viper calipers on the C-Body spindle..

Stock ball joint beside taller Howe ball joint....

Hotchkis upper control arm, stock ball joint on top , Howe on bottom....

Viper calipers....

Custom stainless braided brake lines for Viper calipers( by Goodridge)...

Cool idea - is the SAI the same between the E and C body stuff?? I don't know if it matters or not, just wondering.


--- Quote from: ntstlgl1970 on December 28, 2010 - 07:54:55 pm ---Cool idea - is the SAI the same between the E and C body stuff?? I don't know if it matters or not, just wondering.

--- End quote ---
The KPI on the e-body spindle I measured at 5 degrees, on the C-Body I measured it at 7.5 Degrees. To measure it I mounted the spindle pin in the lathe and then used a precision bevel protractor and measured the machined flat surface on the top of the spindle.
I plan on using A-Body lower control arm as they are supposedly 3/8 to 1/2 longer I'm told? I have a set being shipped. Just waiting for them to arrive.

Awesome! I'm watching this one, I'm definitely interested to see what you come up with.


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