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What's old is new -- redo
« on: October 21, 2010 - 02:42:15 am »
Hi all,
Hope this doesnt break some unwritten rule, but Im changing my name from Aloid to 360FISH because I finally received my plates.   :clapping:

Since I plan to be here for a long time it will all just go better this way  :cooldancing:

The current plan for 360FISH:   :working:

Pull the tranny and fix the leak (will be posting my adventure soon)
Put an real muffler on the car (replace the cigar box it has now)
Add a passenger side view mirror (sorry, Im blind)
Hood pins!
Paint (kicking lots of ideas around here are a couple very rough ideas)

Have fun!

1973 Cuda   Semi-Pro Touring
360 SB - 518/OD auto tranny - FAST EZ EFI - Edelbrock Fuel sump - HHR fan
Hella H4 headlights on relays - 97 Dodge Avenger seats - Chin spoiler - Bumpers pulled in to 72 offset