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I have a #43 Blue & White RR slot car!

My collection is boxed up, nowhere to put it in our house...  :walkaway: I have a ton! one day I will take pics  :picture:

Our house is too grown up, I need a play room..  :crazy:

I've been collecting since I was 8 years old and I have quite a collection.  Ranging from the Aurora Thunderjets thought the Aurora AFX cars.  I also have a lot of the newer cars from TOMY.



--- Quote from: thenuke1 on February 14, 2009 - 04:37:32 am ---i searched and found nothing on members Hot Wheels, Diecasts, Jonny Lightning...etc collection

so heres my collection i started around Novemeber 08  ... (if i added in the wrong section please move to correct one.

--- End quote ---

The search must be messed up.... :screwy: I know we did toys here before. 

Here is a shelf full of Challengers I have.

Dave :wave:

I have way too many models, die casts, plastic models, promotional models.  I used to grab anything Mopar, than I pared down to just Dodge, then just Challengers, now I try not to get any more, but once in a while I get weak and buy another!

Chryco Psycho:
I have hundreds of them some dating back to 68 with the original release of Hot Wheels , I also have a lot of the AFX & Lifelike slot cars , the lifelike can  be easily modified & run far faster then stock . I still look for the new Hot Wheels , at least they are inexpensive to collect !!


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