Author Topic: 1971 CUDA DRAG CAR can you say "Pro Street '71 HemiCuda"  (Read 3785 times)

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1971 CUDA DRAG CAR can you say "Pro Street '71 HemiCuda"
« on: June 01, 2004 - 12:54:22 pm »

Brief History:
       This car started out a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda with a 318, Plum-Crazy purple paint, and white interior. Then in 1976, it was taken off the road and built into a 1/4 mile drag car. It is set up like a nostalgic Super Stocker (Sox & Martin style) w/ leaf springs, Dana rear, pinion snubber, original rear frame rails moved in, stock wheeltubs widened, cage, frame connectors, ect. ...all professionally done. The car sports all its original panels with the exception of the fiberglass hood and front bumper. The 'Cuda was raced on and off 'till 1990 when it was retired and put into storage. I purchased it in 2000, updated it with many new parts, and took it to the track to see how it would run. The car hooked hard and ran straight as an arrow (11.95 @ 110mph with its mild 440 ...not too shabby!). Needing more power, I pulled the motor & trans and sold them. The 'Cuda has been in my garage ever since, awaiting a worthy restoration that I cannot seem to find the time for.   As is the case with most race cars, the mileage is low and the car is VERY SOLID!

The Good:
- Beautiful, complete '71 grille (false headlights)
- New rims (Convo Pro 12"x15" rears & 4"x15" fronts)
- New tires (Mickey Thompson ET14"x32" slicks & 4.5"x27.5" fronts) only 6 passes on them
- Dana 60 rear (new chrome differential cover and new pinion snubber)
- Nice 8 pt. chromemoly cage (tig welded)
- Frame connectors (welded in)
- Driveshaft loop
- No evidence of any collisions (straight original inner fenders, radiator support, extensions, ect.)
- Body panels line up nicely
- Solid frame rails (straight, no rust or damage)
- Soild front and rear floor pans (no rust or patches)
- Solid original quarters
- Solid fenders (few small holes down low)
- Solid doors
- Solid trunk lid (cutouts underneath for '71 wing)
- Solid tail panel (no rust in plate area)
- Soild rear valance
- Solid front valance (small dents in the middle)
- Nice taillights (no cracks, pitting or warping)
- Nice marker lights
- Windshield & rear window are original glass
- Side & quarter windows are lexan (old and hazy)
- Setup for big block & 727 (steel motor mounts)
- Big block radiator
- Rebuilt brakes (new cylinders, pads, springs, ect.)
- New master cylinder
- New line-lock (activated by shifter button)
- Harwood fuel cell
- New 5/8" aluminum fuel line
- Holley "blue" electric fuel pump
- Holley fuel regulator
- MSD Ignition box
- MSD "Blaster 2" coil
- Dual trunk mounted batteries
- New steering wheel
- Racing seat
- Autometer gauges (5" monster tac, oil pressure, water temp)
- B&M Z-Gate shifter
- Original Title and VIN tag included

The Bad:
- No motor or transmission
- Needs body and paint work
- Hood is rough (could use a new fiberglass 6pack or shaker)
- Rear bumper is a little bent on passenger side
- Rust at the very bottom of rear wheel lip ends (these areas were cut and flared slightly to accommodate the big slicks)
- Racing belts & window net outdated
- Isolated rust in trunk floor (one hole about 1"x1.5" but overall solid ...needs a patch, no need to replace the pan)
- Isolated rust in floor under rear seat area (some small holes ...needs a patch, no need to replace the pan)
  - Filler spots evident in the middle of the passenger door, on the passenger side rocker, and on the nose of the driver's fender (needs to be straightend out)

      You could drop a motor & trans in this car and have a respectably bracket racer as is, but I'm hoping the new owner has the ambition to take it to the next level. With the minimal amount of metalwork needed, any competent bodyman will have little difficulty getting this car arrow straight in a short period of time. This is a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda and it deserves a mint paint job and a 700+ horsepower big block to back it up.
       There aren't many 71's left that haven't been wrecked, rotted, or already restored ...this is your opportunity to buy one for a realistic price and be able finish it according to your taste. The car has tons of potential, and with some cosmetic work will undoubtedly be a Force To Be Reckoned With!!! Can you say "PRO-STREET '71 HEMICUDA!!!!"? ...I knew you could.

Many More Photos at:


Jim O
Wappingers Falls, NY

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Re: 1971 CUDA DRAG CAR can you say "Pro Street '71 HemiCuda"
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2004 - 02:15:52 pm »
Welcome to the board frybrain!! (I won't ask) Sound like a great car you have there! I'm not sure there is a big market for a car like that but someone will buy it. I really not ready yet but maybe next year that is exactly what I'm looking for!! I really need to finish the convertible before I start on a pro-street project. I do plan on starting the motor for the car this winter! Some of my friend laugh when I say that . . . "You're building an engine for a car that you don't even own yet??" Oh well . . all part of the big plan! Hope you enjoy your stay here . . lots of great MOPAR people and good luck with the car!!


I see its on e-bay too!!
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Re: 1971 CUDA DRAG CAR can you say "Pro Street '71 HemiCuda"
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2004 - 03:54:12 pm »

Sweet car!!! I've got a 383 sitting in my garage I could drop into that... but of course, no room for another project.. even as much fun as that car could be!!! :o ;D ;D ;D ;D

Welcome aboard!