Author Topic: Want to cut your gas cost going to Carlisle...  (Read 891 times)

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Want to cut your gas cost going to Carlisle...
« on: June 19, 2008 - 02:41:13 PM »
root around your mopar junk and dig out your old alternator and starter cores. Dixie Restorations will pay you a cash bounty for each unrestored/original alternator and starter core you bring us @ Carlisle. I'll have a yellow/black Challenger 70 R/T parked in the "1970 Challenger - stock" area from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon and  someone will be under our tent most of that time. Or, you can find us @ Paul Jacob's vendor space  - he's listed in the Carlisle Program - and selling under the name of Dixie Restorations. Bounty amount will vary ($15 to $50)depending on condition, completeness, and date code of the core. 1967 through 1970 dates wanted. Original alternator cores always have a raised rib bearing in the center rear of the case. Original starters are tougher to spot but look at the aluminum housing date code clock and compare that date to the date stamped on the round end near the top under the CHRYSLER name. I'll have 500.00 dollars to spend on cores so make your vacation less costly and dig out those old cores! Call me @ (803) 924-6247) if you need further details. Thanks, Jim Ridge - Dixie Restorations, aka FY1 Challenger.
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