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  This thread is dedicated to our members and their cars.   

This will be a thread of all the members rides with pictures and information on their car.  They should be able to edit their one post to upgrade the info or replace the pics as their restoration progresses.  Please post you info and car no matter what condition or stage you at at.  Whether it is a rust bucket, in a million pieces or a completed show car, we would all like to see it.  Sometime I forget who has what??  This will be a great place to keep track. 

**I will be monitoring this thread and will remove all posts that don't follow the format.  If you would like to comment on a picture or this thread, please look for the discussion thread in this section.           

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Here is my ride as it is right now.  Believe it or not it is drivable.  Can hardly wait to get started on it.

'72 Challenger Rallye 340/727  8 3/4.

I bought it in august 2005. I live in Oslo, Norway.

It's painted Panther Pink, but some spots in the engine room reveals that it used to be a white color. Fender tag is missing, so I've no idea of it's original specs.
VIN #: JS23H2B433645

Engine cast #: Could be MH 340 R 89888183, or most likely, it's MH 340 R 39388183.
It's condition is fairly good. Looks good at a distance, but up close it's clear that this isn't a show car.
Interior is very nice though.

All harnesses have been replaced with new ones from Year One, still some bits and bobs to be replaced in the dash.

Got OEM windshield wiper arms, wiper blades, and refurbished wiper motor installed.

Alterktion front suspension, Street Lynx rear suspension , Holley 750cfm, Edelbrock Air Gap intake, ported and milled heads to achieve 9.5:1 compression, aluminium radiator, Pertronix ignition, custom fuel tank with sump and electric pump, XV chassis stiffening kit, Dougs Headers with ceramic coating, and white / amber LED running lights / parking lights.

1970 Challenger R/T

Bought this one a few days ago. VIN: JS23U0E102400
The seller told me it had been dragracing in the States at some time. I will try to find out more about the past of this car.

The engine is a warmed over 440 with Indy heads and intake, Holley Ultra 750 cfm double pumper carb, unknown cam, seller told me the crank shaft is internally balanced.
The tranny is a TCI Street Fighter. Rear axle appears to be stock, don't know the gearing.
Alterktion, four-link, and wheels from The Pink Panther will be moved over to the R/T, and The Pink Panther will put up for sale.

It came Plum Crazy from the factory, and it will be Plum Crazy again, after a lot of little things have been sorted out.
The wiring urgently needs to be replaced.  :eek7:
The hood will be replaced with a T/A hood,
The fuel tank will be replaced with a custom one with an internal pump (Currently it has an external pump mounted in the trunk, directly on the X-frame behind the rear seat! It's waaay too loud).
The seats will be replaced.
The dashbord got cracks and broken vents which needs to be sorted, and a complete new heating system is required too, because right now there's nothing there, I won't bother with installing AC.
The exhaust tips and rear muffler will be replaced with TTi tips and some or another muffler. Maybe a stock one from ECS, unless the ECS guy here will die from a heart attack induced by seeing what's on there now.  ;)
The reverse light lens will be replaced with a stock clear one.
A EFI conversion might be prudent, considering the double pumper. Fuel is expensive here.

1973 Cuda
340 four speed numbers match   355 Sure-grip
Build is in the restoration section.
1970 Challenger under construction
Great idea on this post!

MEK-Dangerfield here.  :wave:

1970 Challenger.

Car bought in Oct. of 2000 80% done, and still working on it.  :grinyes:

440 engine, 10:1 compression, Lunati 292 cam, Trango shift-kit to go along with a 3:23 sure-grip rear.   :burnout:

PPG paint, Radiance II, wineberry over violet.

2009 Challenger.

  Still numbers matching.   :lol:  Modifications ongoing.    :working:





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