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I love Mopars as much as the next poster but stock vs stock a Honda FWD with 1.8 would still get around tight corners quicker than an AAR or T/A on the track IMO. Definitely any of the E-Bodies (big block). They were made for straight line and the cars which hit the tracks in the TA series were very different from the AAR and T/A road versions that were accessible to the public. Done up, no doubt they can corner but with money even a Hummer can corner.

XV did road course test a fully restored, all original TA to create the baseline that they are using for comparison of their system gains. If anyone has followed the XV series on Dreamcar garage, or done any research into suspension sytems, you would know that the GEOMETRY of a stock Mopar is actually pretty good. The spring and shock rates certainly need to be improved upon to make them more comparable to a modern car. Once that change is done, then yes, they do perform quite well, even in big block form, compared to a modern car.

Comparable to a modern performance car, well, sorta. Ultimately road holding ability is about a cars balance, tires, spring, and shock rates. Match these items car to car, and a E body is right in the fight, but stock to stock, not a chance. Remember the physics of holding a corner do not care if you have leaf springs or coil overs, aluminum spindles or iron. 

If you go back in the day, Mustangs, Camaro, and Javelins did win more championships than the Mopars, if for no other reason than their duration in the series and the factory commitment to the teams. Chrysler only official participated in Trans Am for one year. In that year the Mopars qualified up front regularly, but engine and transmission failures usually resulted in DNF, which will kill chamionship potential.

If you ever get a chance to look under the original TA race cars, they are much more trick than just leaf springs and torsion bars. Everything is adjustable. There are adjustable sway bars and even panhard bars to change roll center location in the rear, which is rarely seen on a leaf spring suspension. Also, while not available today, they used gun drilled torsion bars with variable indexing anchors from the Nascar program. Some of these bars came in HUGE sizes of up to 1.8 inches across (1.22 is the biggest you can stick in a stock anchor, BTW).

Some of the AARs and T/As are still used on road courses. If you know Tom Quadrini at all, try and catch his purple AAR with your import on the track. I wish you luck, you will need it.  :wave:



Is it fully stock? Be a nice body roller in stock form. If I were to pick an import stock vs stock it would need to be somewhere around the same output hp wise. Maybe an Evo or WRX. I'm no race track driver but given to someone with experience around the same track as Tom Q I feel the Import would do rather well and ultimately win. It's hard to overlook and swallow the pride of my Mopars but I like to tell it how it is without saying it just to "say it".

Mr. 440SixPack:

--- Quote from: Alaskan_TA on April 20, 2007 - 08:21:56 pm ---Some of the AARs and T/As are still used on road courses. If you know Tom Quadrini at all, try and catch his purple AAR with your import on the track. I wish you luck, you will need it.  :wave:


--- End quote ---

HP2 thank you for very interesting post :worshippy It is funny when people talk that car with leaf springs can't handle. :blah:
The new Z06 smokes everything in the corners and it has leaf springs at the back :burnout:

Barry, I have some photos of that AAR on my PC but I didn't know who is the driver. I also want to know If it is fully stock? From the photos I already see that it has new tires on :dunno:


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