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Chryco Psycho:
when you open a reply window at the bottom under the reply box there is a Attachment options , click on that to open & add pix


--- Quote from: Mopar Mitch on March 09, 2012 - 10:46:46 pm ---sorry for this question.. but... I can't figure how to post pictures... help?  e-mail me if you prefer

--- End quote ---

When you're entering a message, below the entry window is a link labeled "attachments and other options." Click that, and a bunch of stuff will appear, including a text field labeled "Attach." Click on Browse, find the file you want to upload, and select it. Click "Post" when you're done. If you want to post more than one image, click "more attachments" below the "Attach" box. Files can't be larger than 300k. I usually size them to about 600-800 pixels wide.


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