Author Topic: Under hood wiring diagram for 74 Cuda  (Read 3130 times)

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Under hood wiring diagram for 74 Cuda
« on: September 02, 2003 - 06:02:55 pm »
Does anybody happen to have the under the hood wiring diagram for a 1974 'Cuda? It has air conditioning if that matters. I am getting down to the wiring and alot of the ends have been cut off or the wire has been burnt and then cut off. if you have such a thing on hand and can email it to me that would be nice.  I would hate to pay a guy $15 dollars on ebay for this ...  :P :P

thanks Steve
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Re:Under hood wiring diagram for 74 Cuda
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2003 - 12:09:54 am »
For $100 you could replace the main wiring harness  and be a lot better off the way it sounds.

I already had a new Year One engine and wiper harness but bought the AC ($25), roadlamp ($60), and transmission ($25) harnesses  from this guy at the Nats and it's good stuff and would have been cheaper if I would have gotten everything from them and had I known about them then I would have.

So, besides your battery cables, you could replace all your underhood wiring under $200 (you wouldn't need the roadlamp wiring) and when you have the right harnesses with the right ends on it, it almost wires itself which is good because the harnesses don't come with directions but he said call if you had any questions.

The guy even shows his Hemi Cuda on the site too!

You could also check with your local Mopar dealer to see if they have any old service manuals you could look at / copy.