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Help with 360 timing
« on: August 31, 2020 - 10:52:56 AM »
I have a 72 Barracuda with a 360. I am having trouble getting the total timing to be in the mid 30s.  At this point I have checked and double checked that the engine is at TDC on the compression stroke when placing the distributor in and have made sure that the rotor is aligned with the #1 plug and that all other wires are in the correct order. The engine will start on the first crank. When looking at initial timing I can vary it between 12-18 degrees however under load the total timing wants to climb past 40 and would keep going if I pushed it. As it currently sits the engine idles fine and has no hesitation for power when not under load (drive or reverse). When put in gear the engine stays idling fine however has very little power when given gas...almost feeling like its in a higher gear from the start. Just some background on the car it is a 360 street/strip engine (I did not build it and do not know all the internals) it does have a pretty beefy cam and the transmission is a 727. I have put a MSD 6al2 on the car and do not know if that is affecting it either. Any help is appreciated!

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Re: Help with 360 timing
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2020 - 08:54:44 PM »
Firstly, welcome to the site. Even though the engine may be on compression, that doesn't mean that it's firing at TDC. Actually, it should fire 8-12' BTDC and you'll need to verify that the timing indicator and actual piston TDC match up before you can add initial timing. You may need to buy a piston stop, that threads into the plug hole of #1. Then, BY HAND and with the ignition OFF, roll the engine over to where it stops up against the piston stop and mark where the timing indicator shows TDC or 0 degrees, then roll the engine backwards until it stops again and mark that spot. TDC is in the middle of those two marks and if everything is kosher, that centre should be where the timing indicator says 0 degrees. Once you determine where TDC is, you can advance the distributor to where it shows those 8-12 degrees when it's idling. From there it's a function of the vacumn advance and I'd wonder if it's working properly since you say the car's doggy on acceleration, because that's often a sign that it's not advanced enough. There's others who can help and know more than I, but hopefully, this'll get you started, no pun intended.  :cheers: