Author Topic: 1973 challenger variable speed windshield wiper switch 12v terminal gets hot  (Read 583 times)

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Hi all, I'm having an issue with my wiper switch on my 73 challenger I've bench tested my motor and also firewall tested it I had to repair a missing red wire originally during the rebuild I think it was burned up somehow i have actually rewired the whole car with an american autowire kit so I'm down to the switch now and found a loose 12v feed terminal I repaired it the best I could and took the whole switch apart to clean it etc I plugged it back in and everything functions as it should stop park low variable in between and high but I noticed that the 12v power feed terminal gets HOT so does that mystery unused terminal I remember during the rewiring processes that the plug was melted in that spot also and you can see heat damage on the wafer board inside the switch I'm figuring something is touching somewhere in the switch but I cant see it do to a plate blocking the inside of the pos terminal I'd love to save the switch because replacement seems costly any advice update: took the switch apart again even further than before can not find a connection issue I'm begining to think is a resistance issue with the motor though the motor functions fine and shows no signs of any issue I did notice if got a little warm after running for awhile am i to start assuming an issue with the wire windings inside the motor they looked fine when i had it all apart still looking for some added insight thanks
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Re: 1973 challenger variable speed windshield wiper switch 12v terminal gets hot
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All I can say is that a switch is cheaper than the car... I like to try and save what I can usually, but something like that if you cannot figure it out, you need a replacement.
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