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ECS System / fuel return lines
« on: November 15, 2019 - 11:19:01 AM »
I recently bought a 1971 Cuda with a 426 crate engine. With all great deals come some surprises. This cuda only has a fuel line and no return or vent lines, it has four nipples on the gas tank and two are plugged and two open. My garage completely smells like gas and although I am ok with it, my wife is not. I am looking to to close the loop and am looking for some help, guidance and suggestions. Any and all ideas, pictures, diagrams are more than welcome.

This is what i am working with, gas tank with four vent nipples and only one fuel line. see pics. Also, the trunk has a hole for a fuel vapor base plate kit. see pics

I am thinking i should run three more lines. A fuel return and two lines to a vapor separator. then the separator line to the valve breather cover. Please let me know if this sounds like a good sound idea. I am not totally sure where to run the fuel return too.This will be my first time working with the fuel lines.

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Re: ECS System / fuel return lines
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2019 - 12:13:46 PM »
Is this car carburetored or EFI? If it has EFI, then it should have a return line although there are some "returnless" systems.

Anyway, yes you could reinstall a vapor separator system although I don't know how available the parts will be, you might need to develop something of your own making. Part of your problem is the unplugged nipples are right there at the tank, in the factory system they ran lines up to the engine compartment (to the canister).

I have vent lines on both my Challenger and Cuda, both are on the fuel filler tubes. On the Cuda, my line runs from the filler tube (near the tail panel) to the right side of the trunk to a bulk head connector that vents under the car. On the Challenger, much the same deal except specific to the Challenger. I do not have a gas smell, but I do have a large shop which might mask it.
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