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Challenger Parts Lot
« on: September 10, 2019 - 12:06:37 pm »
$1,200 OBO
Most parts are for / from '72 - '74 Challenger.
All parts can be picked up in southwestern Ohio or shipped for additional money.
Send me a PM if you would like specific pictures or to discuss pricing.

Tires (2 - BF Goodrich Radial T/A's . . . P275 / 60 R15)
Super Bee Magnet
Front Bumper Mounting Brackets - Challenger
Header Panel / Grill Trim (lower) Fillers - Challenger
Grill Emblem - Challenger
Hood Latch Release Handle (secondary) - Challenger
Hood Latch Support w / Horn Mount - E-body
Horn (tested and working)
Thermostat Housing
Spark Plug Ends (new)
In-line Fuel Filter
Hood Scoops w / Inserts Set - Challenger
Front Fender Louver (LH) - Challenger
Hood Spring Wedge
(2) Body / Fender Shims
Gas Pedal Assembly
Horn Relay w / Key Buzzer
(2) Body Plugs
Crossmember Parking Brake S Hook
Rear Taillight Wiring Harness - Challenger
Interior Door Handle (LH) - Barracuda
Interior Door Handle (RH) - A / B-body
Interior Door Handle Set - Challenger
Interior Door Lock Lever - E-body
Chrome Shifter Bezel Only - B / E-body
Automatic Shifter Rod - B / E-body
Front Bucket Seat Cover Buttons - E-body
Front Seat Stop Bumpers Set - B / E-body
Exterior Door Handle Gasket - E-body
Exterior Door Handle (RH) - Challenger
Exterior Door Handle Lock Retainer (RH) - E-body
Exterior Door Handle Lock
Door Jamb / Quarter Glass Seal (LH) - E-body
Rear Taillight Wiring Harness Bracket - E-body
Rear Quarter Panel to Floor Bracket - E-body
Rear Quarter Foot Well Body Plug - E-body
Rear Quarter Glass Track / Guides - E-body
Rear Quarter Glass Roller - E-body
Rear Glass - Challenger
Rear Glass Moulding Set - Challenger (missing lower RH piece)
Wheel Cylinder
Tail Light Assemblies - Challenger (rough set of housings only)
(2) Trunk Locks