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Radiator recommendations.
« on: February 02, 2019 - 10:50:01 pm »
Hello all.
I am looking to upgrade my radiator. I now have a 22" 3 row core champion with 2 10" Spal heavy duty fans. Present setup is not even coming close to doing the job. Is just too small. I am upgrading to a 26".  I have a 500 ci making about 600 hp. I live on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. Very hot weather. My present radiator doesn't keep up on cool days. I need something that will get rid of the heat. Cannot go to a thicker unit,
no room. The 3 row barely fit. :pullinghair: I'm nor rich by no means. But I only want to do this once. Is the 2 row core with the 1-1/4" tubes better?
Thanks Jimmycuda71