Author Topic: PROVEN PARTS THAT WORK FOR BIG BLOCKS  (Read 1771 times)

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« on: April 22, 2017 - 10:47:46 AM »
 I have been reading through a lot of threads and I see that a few common components are used .

-holley carbs,proform ,quick fuel and a thumbs down for edelbrock
-stealth heads on a budget,eddy rmp as an upgrade and trick flow/victors as a good add on for over a 500hp engine
-lunati rollers are suggests and prw stainless rockers
-440source stroker kits seem to be the best deal and they also sell many ad ons,the water pumps seem to be restricting  "older threads"
-intake:either a holley street dominator or an eddy performer ,the m1 seems to be fairly popular in older threads
-msd ignitions are very common

cam choices, many variables,car weight,stall,gearing and use of vehicle

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And if you go read articles about street rods you'll see 90% have small block Chevys... Just cause is most popular doesn't mean it's always the bet choice....

 I've got a but that use to race boats he had been quite successful to the point he'd gone all around the world & had won the world championship.... His engine of choice wasn't the brand used but 90% of the competitors.... Two time world champion & he has some squirrel standing in his pits telling him he shouldn't be using that engine the ****** is better....

Yes there are proven components but theres also people who know how to make other stuff perform just as well if not better.... :2cents:
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