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2017 Mecum auction
« on: January 20, 2017 - 12:12:36 AM »
Well, we went, we got soggy and we had a great time! I've been to Barrett Jackson's show in Scottsdale twice and this one doesn't have to take too much of a back seat to those. According to a Mecum employee, there where just short of 3000 cars there and 700 people working the show. The price of admission was much better than BJ at $, any day. We had a fun day Friday meeting Mark, Jim and Ron at O dark o'clock for breakfast and in to the show early and then over to Mark's shop to see Jim's Challenger. What a car! Mark fired it up with the electric cutouts open and that giant hemi is a treat to hear. Ron then fired up his Cuda and the neighbours were getting what they deserved. LOL We left after a couple of hours, having been treated to some fine Southern hospitality, hydrocarbons and hydration! We went back to the show on Saturday and walked what seemed to be miles under the tents and buildings watching some extremely nice machinery go under the gavel. Prices were all over the place and some cars, including hemi cars, went cheaper than we all thought they would, while a '57 Dodge Sweptline P/U went for nearly $200,000! Wow, a nice and really scarce truck, but more than a hemi Cuda??!! WTF? Murray aka Blown Motor has lots of photos as do I and once he shows me how to get them on here, I'll share some. If you haven't gone or have been contemplating going- DO IT! :cheers: