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Author Topic: CRATE HEMI DISSASTER  (Read 4817 times)

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« Reply #135 on: January 11, 2017 - 12:30:39 PM »
I honestly think if Roseville took the payment, it is up to Roseville to reimburse and/or make the deal. They in turn go to MP. It's the way business is done. There are no friendships here, or shouldn't be. Not trying to be a dick but with my contractors it is they who sign a contract with a warranty. I'm not chasing their suppliers if there's a problem. I go to the name on the contract and if they can't address it you can damn sure know it is they the lawyers will call.
WHOMEVER TOOK YOUR PAYMENT IS 100% RESPONSIBLE TO MAKE THIS RIGHT. Should they go up their supplier chain to recoup losses is up to them.

I concur.  Maybe Roseville should just accept a return, and have Roseville get re-imbursed when they return it to Mopar.
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« Reply #136 on: January 11, 2017 - 01:02:23 PM »

No offense to anyone, but certainly the seller got "their cut" for being middleman here, right?  Doesn't seem right when so much is so wrong that the end buyer is left holding the bag but the middle man and the manufacturer get paid.

As a business, they will have much more luck persuing this through the vendor that sold it to them to begin with....I am sure their vendors want their continued business and will make it right.

It doesnt matter if all the OP did was "gave them a part number I wanted and they had it drop shipped".

These days, a LOT is drop shipped. Half the time you order something online its drop shipped.   The vendor still gets a cut.  The vendor is who sells it to the customer.

If you bought a fender thru a vendor and it showed up all smashed, would you just eat it?  Of course would go back to who sold it to ya and let them deal with it.

An engine isnt something you can tell is right or wrong by the outward appearance.

If it was just running poorly after miles of use, thats one thing. One could argue that the user messed it up.

This engine had been butchered well before it every left the dock.

I am sure the seller will do what's right....this reflects on them as much as on the manufacturer.  If they are true friends to the OP, they will square him up.  If they don't, well, that sort of calls into question the whole concept of friends to begin with IMHO.  I understand the OP no wanting to crap all over a friendship or to drag folks into something un-necessarily.....but is business.  We aint talkiing chump money here.

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« Reply #137 on: January 11, 2017 - 05:14:08 PM »
Never do business with friends unless you are prepared to not have them as a friend.
If we did this then he wouldn't really be a friend as you should know whether you can trust a friend or not.
I have dealt with Dave as many on this board have and found him very up front even when he has a problem and is always quick to rectify the problem, most of the quality parts house do the same especially if they want our return business.
Unfortunately the $$ numbers are a little higher on this transaction, cordodge has made the decision to respect his friendship with Dave, I am sure that Dave would not be sitting back but putting all his resources in to help cordodge.
I for one would like to see where this ends up but feel that we should let them work it out , whoever did the original build-up should be exposed far and wide once the dust settles though.   :2thumbs:

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« Reply #138 on: Today at 07:12:17 PM »
This is Bad for business Dave
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