Author Topic: Changing my 72 to 70 ta clone...emax style  (Read 35238 times)

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Re: Changing my 72 to 70 ta clone...emax style
« Reply #195 on: September 20, 2017 - 01:44:48 pm »
Very nice!  Did you change the tail light panel yet?   I see you changed the quarter panel side lights (cut and welded new sections???).

Sure did!  I think there are pics futher back in the thread...the marker lights were the new weld in type...I had a friend do the work...I didnt trust myself to cut the line straight!  The rear tail light section was easier and less stressful for sure! 

Just need to get the brake booster set up so I can put the dash back in...then the interior can be finished!  Getting there for sure! 

The mustang is just driver for me....Its alot nicer and more fun to drive than my jeep....couldnt pass it up for the money with only 46000 miles on it...

Parts car?  I wonder if I could swap that motor and trans into my challenger  :naughty:...I do love the short throw shifter in it!!!