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Shaker hood with ac
« on: January 30, 2011 - 06:05:06 pm »
Still working on my 70 Gran Coupe which I bought new and was ALL original - until - I got the urge! I changed out the flat hood for a "shaker" - sorry, couldn't help it, there just way to cool. I know the original compressor (which I already had rebuilt) won't work - so - what's the best way to go. I've heard  BP Engineering makes a bracket to fit  Sanden compressor that will do the trick. Has anybody else went thru this, and does it work - also - I have a 1" highrise manifold on the motor (383). Still have the original, so will I have a problem with the shaker hood and air cleaner clearance?  Probably should have left well enough alone, but, a shaker, love'm. Also, EB3, are ya drive'n it yet.