Author Topic: 1971 R/T Challenger 440 Sixpack pics...getting closer  (Read 1014 times)

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1971 R/T Challenger 440 Sixpack pics...getting closer
« on: September 17, 2008 - 09:08:20 pm »
Well this original plum crazy 71 R/T Challenger has been sitting in my garage for over 6 years now untouched.
I've NEVER driven this car but that's gonna change real soon :thumbsup:
I'm finally forcing myself to take some time to get it running and driving.
Due to  life, wife, kids, house, job, etc. it's been LONG time since I've been able to really work on one of my cars.
I'm really feeling my age and the prices on parts for these E-bodies is getting waaay out of line. :2cents:

I sent the car off to the bodyshop to have the engine compartment stripped and re-painted, they did an excellent job.
I'm slowly putting everything back together and doing a little detail work.
It's not going to be a concorse restoration but it's going to be a real nice looking street/strip cruiser.
The car's getting a strong running 440 Sixpack engine installed in front of it's numbers matching 4 speed transmission(engine currently running 12's in another 4 speed Challenger of mine).

I'm hoping to have it up and running real soon as I'm getting too old to be pushing these olds cars around, the wife's 71 R/T Challenger is going off to the bodyshop to get the same makeover in a couple weeks so this is good practice.
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