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Title: A518 overdrive
Post by: KellysCuda on February 03, 2005 - 07:35:34 AM
I was thinking about purchasing an a518 overdrive trans for my car, SRM in Ontario builds them, I phoned the guy and he said he could build one to take 500 horse power, but very expensive, around 4 thousand bucks(canadian peso,s) plus shipping. Anybody got one in thier car yet? I sure wouldnt mind the extra gear. :driving:
Title: Re: A518 overdrive
Post by: Chryco Psycho on February 03, 2005 - 10:50:13 AM
if you want a real challenge I have a 5 Speed Hemi auto tranny
Title: Re: A518 overdrive
Post by: KellysCuda on February 03, 2005 - 08:43:28 PM
5 speed auto? would it fit? It would be cool, I am very interested in that idea :drool: :drool:
Title: Re: A518 overdrive
Post by: Chryco Psycho on February 03, 2005 - 11:13:40 PM
good ? , I have the tranny But I am still learnng about these trannys , this one has a trasfer case bolted to it & will not be user friendly, it has the small block bolt pattern but I assume it must be bigger then the 727 , but so is the 518 tranny , I guess anyhting is possible   
Title: Re: A518 overdrive
Post by: hemi-5.7-cuda on February 04, 2005 - 01:39:26 AM
There is a 4 speed auto trans from keisler.  They have a popular 5 speed manual For mopars.
Case looks identical to a standard 727. no cutting required.  First gear is lower than the 727 with an over drive. Last time I called they had a proto type in a car.
Price was going to be around 4 Grand.

I went with the RE-85 5 speed auto. I am in the process of installing I will let you know. You need computer with moderen electronics to run the RE-85.

Hemi 5.7     ;)

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Title: Re: A518 overdrive
Post by: KellysCuda on February 04, 2005 - 02:59:16 PM
I made a phone call to srm transmissions in ontario again today, talked about price and amount of work on the 518 and I think it might be just as easy to bolt the gear vendors overdrive to the back of the 727 and then I could still use a trans brake in the future. The price wiill be realitively the same (around 4 grand) and the 727 with the gear vendors might be a bit stronger. They say even with the gear vendors overdrive unit they recomend one of thier torque convertors. Iam thinking this will probly be the route I far
Title: Re: A518 overdrive
Post by: hemi-5.7-cuda on February 09, 2005 - 06:38:19 PM
I dont know ware you are located. But if you are thinking about running the gear vender and a trans brake.  You may call A&A transmision in Indianapolis IN.  He is a very big gear vender dealer. He can set you up with Trans brake, shift kit, and gear vender overdrive unit.   He builds a very good 727 I have one in my 72 Rally Charger 10 years no problems. Ask for Rick. He also runs an add in Mopar Mussel Magazine.

I was going to go with 727 and a gear vender. But I am going to try the new generation 5 speed that came with my hemi.  Only due to the deal I got on my hemi.   :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:

Good luck

Hemi 5.7 Cuda
Title: Re: A518 overdrive
Post by: EFI-Cuda on February 11, 2005 - 10:52:21 PM
I currently use an A-518 transmission in my Cuda'.   It will bolt up to the engine just like a 727.   Starter fits just the same too.   The problem is that you will have to do a little crossmember fabrication and some modification to the shifter linkage for everything to work.   There is a post about this topic in the past where I outlined the details of the A-518 installation.   If this post is still accessible, it would be helpful.

I run a relatively low stall because I don't want the trans slipping when I am in overdrive.   I also added a Transgo shift-kit to the transmission.   This made a very nice difference in how the vehicle feels.   The Cuda' feels more like a sports car with the shift-kit.   It's not too harsh under normal driving, but can cruch concrete when you punch it.   It's a real nice combination.

I like the A-518 and have run it for over 3 years without any problems.   I bought it from Mopar directly new.   I think that it was about 1,300 or 1,400 dollars new a few years ago.
Title: Re: A518 overdrive
Post by: Chryco Psycho on February 13, 2005 - 01:32:39 AM
if you can locate the post we can move it to the archives
Title: Re: A518 overdrive
Post by: EFI-Cuda on February 14, 2005 - 12:12:58 AM
I didn't find the post about the A-518 transmission, but I save a record of all my posts.   Here are the two responses that related to the installation of the A-518 transmission:

"I have an A-518 transmission in my Cuda currently.    It has served me well for the last 3 years.   The transmission bolted to the back of my 360 with no problems.    I did'nt try to connect my trans-fluid lines to  the radiator.    Instead, I ran them to a separate trans-fluid-cooler.   The fun comes in supporting the back of the transmission.    The floor pans did not have to be cut or modified.    I had to remove a U-shaped piece of metal that runs above where the cross member would bolt.   This allowed the clearance I needed.   In addition to this, I has to modify the cross member to allow the back of the transmission to mount about 2 inches below where the 727 would sit.   Of course, the drive shaft has to be shortened a bit and the whole thing works very well.    I've experienced no vibration or alignment issues.   The original floor mounted shifter hooked up with a little modification to the shifter bracket that bolts to the bottom of the 727 trans.    The conversion does require a little fabrication, but most of it is straight forward and self-explanatory.

On a performance note, the A-518 completely woke up with the addition of a Transgo skift kit.   The car felt very responsive and crisp with the shift kit like a performance car should.

In conclusion, I would say that the benefits of having the overdrive along with the 3.91 gears by far outweigh the troubles with the installation.   Interior noise levels are lower, better gas mileage and sustaining highway cruising speeds make the car much more practical."

After this post Chryco Psycho posted a response expressing concern about possible structural issues related to the cross-member and body modification.   Below is my response to that post:

"You are probably right Chryco.    Removing the U-shaped piece of metal above where the cross member bolts would probably weaken structural integrety.    Particularily, if nothing else was done to reinforce the structure.     I have not experienced any problems or issues that could relate to structural integrety in the three years that I have used the A-518 transmission.     It is important for me to mention that structural integrety issues were anticipated by the welder/fabricator that I used to modify my transmission's cross member.    He significantly beefed up the modified crossmember which is now a lot stronger and thicker than the stock cross member.    Not only is the modified cross member serving the purpose of supporting the rear of the transmission it also reinforces the vehicles structure.    This is probably the reason that the car feels as solid as it does."

I hope that this information is helpful.
Title: Re: A518 overdrive
Post by: zstalker on February 22, 2005 - 11:16:41 PM
here's the original post that was in...this what you were looking for?
Title: Re: A518 overdrive
Post by: ragtopdodge on July 14, 2011 - 03:22:16 PM
Can someone identify this trans?  The seller posted this pic.

I'm looking for a 3-wire, non-lockup, but not sure from this pic, if this is the 9-wire computer-controlled one or not.