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Title: Cuda grille fit issue
Post by: 70CudaProstreet on May 15, 2019 - 10:13:17 PM
I may have asked this before and have forgotten so I apoligize in advance if thatís the case. I installed my 70 Cuda grille a few months back and had a question on spacers.
I used a Classic kit that had all new plastic bushings/biscuits and bolts. My question for those that know is, on the very middle mount on the top of the grille,the peak letís call it, is there also a spacer between the grille and the top balance? The issue Iím having is that the grille is spaced perfectly around the fenders ect until you get to the top middle. At that point itís really close with no gap. And from what I can see thereís no room for a spacer to be inserted between the grille shell and the metal tab thatís against it. So I guess I need to know how many biscuits are supposed to be used. Thanks.