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Title: Proforged 103-10030 new pitman arm correct for a ...
Post by: LugNut on April 22, 2018 - 04:12:03 PM
1971 'Cuda with stock power steering?

I replaced everything else in the frontend/steering ~15 years ago, and see this part is available.  Only the fast-ratio arm was available back then, so I put the fairly-tight original arm onto the rebuilt steering box.

I'm seeing that the Proforged 103-10030 is 1 1/8" (vs. 1 1/4") -- what do I need to check to make sure it is the same as my OEM?

P.S.  For those who remember me, no -- no more progress on it; the 'Cuda must wait for my retirement, I fear.  But buying parts and specialty tools I'll need are do-able!