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Mr. 440SixPack:
OK we all now that these two were the best handling Mopars back in the day...but what about now? :clueless:
I have read somewhere that even today these two muscle cars handle very good in comparison to new cars? Is it true? Had anybody on Cuda-Challenger ever try to race on the race course with AAR cuda or T/A challenger...stock ofcourse?
Can they keep up with any new sports car in the corners?

I am really interested in this because everybody is talking about trans am mopars handling but I haven't heard or seen any facts about it.

Thanks for your answers. :worshippy

It it's true, I'd like to know what makes it true. Shocks, sway bars, etc? What would it take to replicate it?

360 'CUDA:
As far as I know a TA car has the standard 'CUDA or R/T suspension with a rear swaybar and a longer pitman arm but I bet Barry can tell us exactly the differences


If they can keep up with a 2006 sports car on the track stock vs stock, the guy driving the modern car can't drive. There is no way they would handle like a modern car around corners. Even with a good stiffening kit and modern suspension package from someone like XV Motorsports they couldn't, they'd be a great handling car for a 1970's coke bottle but still not what I would consider a real circuit car. I like seeing them on the track though. Also, the Mustangs were the king of the Tran-Am series weren't they? The AAR and T/A didn't do to well.


Mr. 440SixPack:
Well...There shouldn't be any big problems to go VS civic or any other FWD car :poopoke:  :popcorn:


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