Author Topic: Tips and Tricks for polishing / buffing Stainless Trim  (Read 34839 times)

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Re: Tips and Tricks for polishing / buffing Stainless Trim
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I have done both SS. And anodized aluminum. The aluminum is far more difficult. It is brittle so if the damage is significant it may only be repairable by an expert. I did have very good results with my challenger headlight buckets. The outer edge had some dents. I tappet it out with a hammer and and an aluminum bar stock section. Then used 120 grit to sand off the anodizing just on the outer part that forms the leading edge. Then used a file like in the vid then down through several differance grades of paper to 2000. Then buffed on a wheel with 3 grades of compound then semi chrome. Looks very good but lacks the same effect of having the clear anodizing. I will try some. Eastwood 2K clear just on that part and see if it gets closer to the look of clear anodizing.

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