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Looks like the same one I have
Thanks larry4406. Hump fits snug on the tunnel hump but lots of gaps on the floor pan. Great tip about leaving floor on trans brace.

Thanks Beekeeper, I was referring to your 70 Challenger rebuild thread and photos. Any chance you can run a tape to see how far front of shifter hole is from the firewall seam join ?

Only want to cut once. My diff is still in so I could attach the drive shaft and then measure the 4-speed to see where shifter sits. Easier than dropping the engine in. Small issue of not having a 4-speed my mean I need help from C-C members.


Indeed, but not too shabby.

without the scoop, pretty bad a**
Indeed, but not too shabby.
Newb Intros / Re: Hello from Edmonton
« Last post by miguelrnd on Today at 03:07:16 am »
Thanks a lot. How do I add photos here?
Electrical / Re: AGM battery charger/maintainers
« Last post by Topcat on Today at 02:06:21 am »
FWIW...Batteries Plus Bulbs in Olympia, WA.
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