Author Topic: The 1411 Performer Edelbrock ADVICE  (Read 305 times)

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The 1411 Performer Edelbrock ADVICE
« on: September 07, 2017 - 05:50:12 pm »
I have a new one that needed more gas to tach up. So first I added a Holley fuel pump on the block. Helped but needed more. I tried using the .113  new jets to the Primary's and moved the .110 jets to the secondary's.
      It ran great until 5800, then I thought the transmission wasn't find the next gear, due to low oil. Not the case since it was ok if I early shifted, or @ 5800.  The fix is the needle and seat set. .110 Also the gas mileage was only 11 mpg, 1 more than the 950 cfm Holley.
       Second, thing was put the original primary back, and get the .113 jets in the back. The first jet change was 4% overall richer. The .113 in the secondary's is a 8% richer and stock mixture in the primary's.   
        Third was to bend the floats so it is 3/16" between the top and lid, as the stock is 5/16". The reason is the stock set up, fuel in the bowls is only 5/8" deep. 
        Forth thing to know that there are screens under the seats. I would check these often. Especially if new. Go ahead and install the .113 seats, and touch nothing else until you drive and read the Jet settings in the BOOK.
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